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For years I have been wondering what all the hype was about looking at the queue outside this tiny cafe on the Northcote road.  So on Sunday finally got to try it out. 

We got into the queue at 11:20am and had a five or so minute wait until we were seated. This by the looks of things was pretty short and therefore, I think, we were lucky. 

It started badly, we were squished into the outside conservatory space, heaters blowing so it was warm however being on the edge of the 'room' I had an ice cold draft wafting up my back and my feet were numb throughout the meal - we should have known that being given a rug as we sat down was not a good sign. Coldness aside we looked at the menu which does have some interesting and innovative breakie dishes that got us excited, 'smoky bacon Boston baked beans', 'Turkish eggs' and as it's an Aussie influenced gaff expect Vegemite with the option of Marmite throughout and good coffee. 

Miss Evans and I ordered some drinks whilst we waited for the others and settle in trying to guess what others around us had in order to help make up our minds. The menu is vast, so choosing took some time even when the others arrived. 

CK chose the daily special which was chorizo, potato and red onion hash with poached eggs, hollandaise and sourdough. Arriving  at the table, this had us all wishing we'd ordered it (especially moi) and noting it was also popular with other diners within this ice box of a room. It looked delicious, popping the eggs revealed  runny golden yolks mmmmmmmm. The only issue with this dish, was that there could have been an extra slice of toast to mop up the oily chorizo-y yolk, we therefore ordered an extra side dish of toast to share amongst us all. 

Miss Evans chose well, it looked 'cutsie', soft boiled eggs with soldiers and Vegemite/marmite. It was presented nicely with a small amount of pepper and salt added to the board, buttered soldiers and soft boiled eggs. She was feeling nostalgic as went on to tell us that this is what fuelled her through her ski season(s!!) and added even as a simple breakie dish she really enjoyed it and the eggs were superb. 

L.J went for similar to what I had previously had at Raoul's in Hammersmith. Chorizo scrambled eggs on sourdough toast. Not only did this look seriously tasty, the chorizo packed some punch being top quality and the scrambled eggs looked (and apparently were) perfection, not too soggy, not too over done...just right.  

My recently regular brunch companion, Mr Jones, ordered the treacle cured bacon sandwich with vine tomato, baby gem and mayo. Now I know not everyone enjoys crispy bacon, but for bikini body concious Aussies I'm not sure that 90% soggy, stringy, fatty bacon is something they enjoy, I've never been, so I may be wrong. The taste of the bacon was fine but the amount of fat was, well in a word... yuk. I genuinely felt sorry for Mr J as he sat there eating his lettuce and mayo sandwich after discarding the main element of the meal. We wanted to complain however, in order to do so it would mean trying to manoeuvre around the freezing space, which was as big as a postage stamp in order to get the waiting staff's attention, probably knocking our neighbours tea out of their hands (or even off the table) so we therefore thought it too much of an effort and carried on as though he enjoyed his meal... 

Being a fan of sweetcorn fritters and avocado for breakfast I chose exactly that. Brew's version came with tomato jam, lime ailoi and bacon.  If only I had ordered it without the bacon this would have been perfect, however as did Mr Jones I found this far too fatty and close to inedible - cry! The sweetcorn fritters were on the other hand, cooked well and the avocado was perfectly ripe. Sadly the tomato jam got a bit lost with everything else going on, maybe it could do without the aioli, As the jam is delicious when tried on its own. Overall this was fine, however looking across the table at CK's oozy egg, chorizo hash I felt slightly underwhelmed... 

It's a cute place for 2 people, where ingredients are obviously important to them however, as much as I am reluctant to post negatively on places this is simply how I felt. I came here with such high hopes of a wonderful brunch to then, (in reality) leave leaving some what stressed out and well... a bit disappointed - more so also as I had dragged a few hungover faces to a very hectic environment. 

Aspects of this brunch were great...the ingredients were mostly fantastic and super fresh,  all bar mine and Mr Jones' meals were great, and I would imagine, in less of a rush hour this could have been an enjoyable brunch catch up - maybe on another day but for now this is within the 'been there done that' category... 

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