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When the night before, or even on the weekend, all you've done is veg I sometimes am in desperate of some healthy food quickly and easily on a lunch break. The office is based near to South Kensington and therefore the area hosts a small collection of great foodie gems near the tube for residents, workers and tourists. 

I'm a big fan of small independents as you can almost always guarantee that the food is home made on the site and made fresh and with care. This particular lunch break I fancied a veggie meal and therefore went into Muriel's Kitchen which is a place I have often walked past and never popped in. 

The cakes in the window are a perfect example of what to expect when you're inside, they look so delicious, I found it hard not to have a lunch treat of a blueberry iced cupcake. Luckily a healthy mind for lunch won me over...

The inside of the cafe is also rather cute, a mix of low and high seating with flowers, cooking paraphernalia and books dotted around. Should you sit in try get a spot by the window so the hustle and bustle of South Kensington keeps you company.

On this occasion there were nine types of cold salads to chose from, two savoury tarts and also meat and veggie selections from the hot section, a beef stew, chicken and veggie curry, lasagne - meat and veggie,  shepherds pie and kievs all to be served on their own or with rice/salad of your choice - very tempting.

Sticking to my guns I opted for the choice of 4 'salads' for £8 - which isn't cheap in comparison to Pret across the road but for (hopefully) home made goodness I thought I'd try this out. 

Firstly the portion size was enormous!! Almost enough for 2 people but my choices were as follows:

Curried Cauliflower, goats cheese and chick peas
Aubergine, roasted peppers and parsley
winter 'slaw
Barley grains, roasted tomato, edamame beans and goats cheese.

Each salad was delicious, the Barley grain and goats cheese especially and the winter 'slaw is one I was never going to detest beings a coleslaw freak, this was really yummy and a mixture of red cabbage, white cabbage, carrots, celeriac and not overly dressed. My only fault would be that the tomatoes weren't as roasted as I would have liked but apart from that it was a really nice alternative to a sandwich or having to make your own.

If after lunch you're still hungry, grab a bag of their home-made spiced nuts, or for a naughty treat, their honeycomb from the counter and try your hardest not to go back for a second bag!! 

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