Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley

If you can blag a mid week day off from work then I urge you to try the lunch deals at the top restaurants. Usually for £25-35 you get 2/3 course and a glass of bubbly.

In this case Mr D and I booked Wareing at the Berkeley for a Friday lunch before heading to Berkshire for the weekend. 

The lunch menu here is 2 course for £30, 3 for £38 and you can have matching wines with 3 courses for £50. I am sure you will agree this is great value to eat at a 2 Michelin starred venue and where the prices start at £80 for 3 course on the A La Carte menu. 

The amuse bouche came and, as it was Friday, Chef played with the old fashioned Friday = fish day theme in the form of a deconstructed  'Fish and Chips'. This is one of our most favourite 'surprises' to date. A shot glass of chunky haddock soup with potato cream then sprinkled on top was the crunchy parts of chips. The stick to the left of the glass is in fact mushy peas coated in potato shavings and then deep fried to give a crispy coating, this also had a malt vinegar taste... This was INCREDIBLE. 

As there was only the two of us we decided to have one of each of the starters and mains on the set menu to then share. 

The starter choices were a Tunworth Cheese, ceps, girolles, mushroom consomme and chestnuts (pictured below left). The second choice a very pretty Dorest snails, toast and roasted garlic (below right). 

The latter was the outright winner and the roasted garlic and pickled onion slices being rather punchy but delicious with the rest of the ingredients within the dish - think of it as a posh mushrooms (snails) on toast. The former was not my favourite dish ever eaten, however, Mr D enjoyed it and the depth of mushroom flavour was incredible and was a really winter-style dish for a veggie option. 

Next onto the mains, the choices here were Salmon, Portland cockles, squash and citrus and a meat option of Beef Flank, potato, kale, onion and black pepper. I think it's quite obvious which was mine and which was Mr D's...the salmon was cooked perfectly and was accompanied by a buttery, citrus-y sauce - yum! As a huge fan of cockles and squash, I absolutely loved this dish, and chose not to share it with Mr D, although, I did allow him to have one mouthful... the beef arrived and the flank not being a cut that either of us had cooked ourselves, we were surprised to find it 'melt in the mouth' and as good as a decent fillet steak. Being it a thick bit of meat, meant it would have been cooked slowly, and with a large amount of thought and testing to get it just so.  

As it was a lunch we skipped pudding but were given a 'intro-dessert' as a taster which was a white chocolate and cherry mousse topped with redcurrants, mmmmmm...

Knowing about the infamous chocolate truffle tree we opted in to have these as a take away. Sadly I forgot to take a snap of it however, it does make you feel like a kid in a sweet shop and you end up with some treats to take home. This for me is superb value for Michelin dining in a really beautiful dining room with excellent service...if it's not too busy ask for a tour of the kitchen as we were lucky enough to meet the man himself - bonus!

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