Harrods food hall...

Harrods obviously isn't a new finding nor am I trying to suggest people don't know of it however, If you ever find yourself within this vast wonder of a store over lunch head down to the food hall. It is by far my favourite area of Harrods (except for the puppies) and I just wander around and stare at the delicious treats they have displayed to kill my hours break. 

You're probably thinking that being in such a place it is hugely expensive but their Chick Caesar salads (which are amazing) sets you back £5.95 for a lot of chicken, creamy tangy Caesar sauce and all the extras. Sarnie's/wraps are from £3.50 - 6.97 depending on the fillings. I recommend the hot selection or carvery. There are normally 2 choices of either roast pork, beef, chicken or salt beef served with a selection of fillings. Seriously, if you can't make it during the week head over on a weekend it's well worth it... 

If you're feeling particularly naughty check out the doughnut selection and sweets....

Whilst you're there have a look at the pre prepared food for supper ideas for an extravagant feast - valentine's day is coming up...hint hint. You can pick up everything from Beef Wellington, cottage pie (£4.95pp) to Lobster salads, all freshly prepared and ready for you to either pop in the oven or plate up when you're having a lazy day or want to spend time with your loved one, and pick up some cheese for a nibble afterwards.

The take away sushi and Dim Sum sections is by far my favourite area, these are always delicious and surprisingly reasonable, and their curries are to die for!

I couldn't resist popping upstairs and this little one very nearly came back with me.... Meet 'Bea' the baby Bulldog...eeeeeek!

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