Ebi Sushi - Derby?!!!

When I say Derby, I mean "Derby Derby" saying it twice emphasises that this is in the centre of the city, just off the busy inner ring-road, and also it is so unexpected of the place it deserves to be said twice.

Seriously? Yes! With Toyota being down the road, chef Ebi was taken from Nobu to set up an authentic sushi restaurant to feed the Japanese business men and prevent them from being home-sick. Since then it is one of my Dad's favourite places to go to and has earnt a respectable name amongst sushi lovers. Not only is it fantastic but it is so unexpectedly good that when I was up visiting "home-home" we booked here for the 4 of us to have a yummy supper.

The outside of the restaurant is certainly nothing to write about and please do not be put off by this. It is (I am told) typically Japanese, not flashy and really REALLY simple. Japanese television is on throughout (on mute) and the bar around the sushi master is always full of the Toyota staff from opening till late, so it is advised that you book. 

We arrived at 7:30 with tables already 'reserved' ahead and several others already taken with happy diners. They serve traditional Japanese beers, sake's and wines as well as a decent list of French, Spanish and Italian wines. A small but yummy tasting seaweed dish was given to us as a taster upon arrival.

The menu is extensive and there are several mixed platters of sushi which seemed to be popular with the diners and also a large selection of hot noodle soup bowls which the Japanese guests were tucking into. As I haven't been here for a few years and 2 of our diners weren't the most fond of raw fish we decided to get a selection from the A la Carte and share. 

We started with their 3 fish sashimi selection (Tuna, salmon and Turbot pictured at the top), some nigiri which was Tuna belly, Salmon and Scallop (2 of each) and some soft shelled crab. The sashimi was absolutely amazing, and is quite literally better than anywhere I have ever eaten- ever! The tuna was deep red and had no white lines through it indicating that it was high grade, the salmon had more fat content through them (the white lines) again showing that it was a high standard and was equally delicious! The nigiri rice was served traditionally at room temperature and again the fish was perfect, so much so that Mr D and mum whom aren't huge fans enjoyed these. The scallop nigiri was pushing it a bit for them and so Dad and I had these which was a different texture as it was a raw scallops but being my ultimate favourite food type I was not disappointed.

tuna nigiri

We ordered two lots of the soft shell crab and also a mixed tempura which consisted of 3 prawns and some vegetables both were delicately fried, light and super tasty. The soft-shelled crab was my particular favourite throughout the whole meal.


Our mains arrived and consisted of a very hot and sticky teriyaki (eaten too fast to get a photo) with beansprouts, chicken skewers and a salmon teriyaki the sauce was delicious the chicken was perfect and the salmon slightly pink so no fear of it being over-cooked. 

Chicken skewers

Salmon Teriyaki

Mr D chose a spicy pork and cabbage dish, which was a really nice contrast to the sweet teriyaki sauces in previous dishes and the cabbage was a welcome addition to the very protein heavy meal we have had so far. Another dish of breaded pork was also unexpectedly light, fat free and again a really pleasant dish, yet another favourite amongst the dishes.

Breaded pork


For some stodge we had some plain steamed rice and pork gyoza's, which were so delicious and lightly steamed with a crisp bottom - very different and ten times better to those served in Wagamamma's. 


The winner for the majority of us however was the Miso black cod. As delicious as E&O/8over8 but at less than half the price and the portion size was generous. Silky, sweet, glazed cod served simply and it was to-die-for... I no longer need to satisfy my cod craving at yet to visit Nobu.

miso cod

Overall this meal was the best Japanese I have ever tasted. Sadly it blew the socks off my beloved Kulu Kulu in London and shot out way ahead of the fail-safe Itsu. Therefore I am still in slight wonder as to whether my Dad either used floo-powder or teleported us to London for the meal as it was seriously that good. 

Ebi has recently had some huge press, being voted one of the UK's top 10 Sushi restaurants and the same with the Independent and The will therefore only get busier I fear. Reading up on reviews it seems that lots have gone here having visited Japan and have stated that this is second to none if you aren't eating real thing in its native country. Therefore I do find it slightly hard sharing this little star with you all, however if you are in the area and love sushi then it is a must.  

Around £40pp
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