Roganic - Ro-gasmic!!

As I (annoyingly) didn't post anything last year bar our delicious meal at Putney Pub The Prince of Wales. I luckily took pictures of most of our meals and therefore I can post to stop my page from looking utterly boring and slightly more exciting. Take it as a snapshot of things to come on my posts...

We visited Roganic on a Wednesday evening for an early table. They do not turn tables which is a pet hate of mine as I cannot stand being rushed through a good meal. So you're settled in for the evening. 

The staff are exceptional, friendly and happy to chat with you about the courses/food/wines. Which I always enjoy doing whether they like it or not however in this case it was obvious the staff loved their work and what they served to the guests. There's only 2 £80 menu's to choose from the meat-eaters and the green-eaters. We both chose the first option being carnivore's...

First up the bread basket cheese and onion, rye and pumpernickle with soft Cumbrian butter. Mr D enjoys a good old rant at a restaurant when they serve butter from the fridge. Thus meaning you cannot spread it well (or at all) which over time I have now developed this slight annoyance and this butter was perfect - phew!

Amuse bouche was up first in the form of hay smoked eel and pork croquant and what looked like a biscuit was in fact dehydrated mushroom with cream cheese, minty powder, cornflowers and Olive. This kicked off the start of the meal perfectly. The set menu consists of 10 courses or so. Therefore I will post pictures of them all however highlight the real winners - hard as the whole meal was outstanding...please excuse the photo's as I only had my phone.

Grown-up yolk from the Golden egg with puffed rice this I believe should be their signature dish. The yolk inside was in fact delicious smooth chicken mousse encased in a golden jelly. The textures were greatly matched and the flavours one wouldn't always associate together worked perfectly.

Keen's dumplings (cheddar cheese), cream of onion, nasturtiums and liquorice..

Raw mackerel in coal oil, beetroot and apple.

Heritage potatoes, fennel seeds, curds, cabbage and duck sweetbreads.

Sugarsnax carrots with beef tongue, dill and buttermilk

Sea dived scallop, dragon's egg, sorrel, barley and butternut.

Plaice and leeks, cockle and sea-sandwort.
This was my highlight of the evening mainly as I adore cockles bringing back childhood memories of buying them from the fish and chip shop in jars soaked in vinegar and eating them with a fork - delicious!! The dish itself was divine I loved the leek sauce with the charred spring onion on it's own let alone with the fish and the sea-sandwort which to me looked like Elf-sized Christmas trees and were a new taste and therefore interesting to try.

Reg's guinea hen, runners, girolles, salt-baked turnip and yarrow.
This being meat and mushrooms was a sure winner from the start for Mr D and it did not disappoint. Yarrow again was a new flavour in which neither of us had eaten before. A herb which when not used in cooking is used for medicinal purposes when dried. Mainly for females - i'll let you go into it and also to sure bloating...maybe this was Chef Rogan's idea for then end of a gastronomic adventure??

Cumbrian stout in blackberry, liquorice and sea buckthorn.

Artichoke, butterscotch, wild plum and walnut

Douglas fir milkshake with flapjack.

this really tasted like you were in a forest. It was a delightful ending to an incredible restaurant...

Roganic has become somewhat of an institution for London which, given that it is a 2 year pop up restaurant is a great achievement. Upon speaking with the MaĆ®tre-D we were informed that they are looking for a London residence and therefore when the restaurant closes its doors this year rest-assured they will be back...

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  1. looks utterly delicious.

    organic, healthy, and beautiful!

    one to put in the "to go to" list in the journal.

    1. Hi,

      It is delicious. Definitely put it on the list, however it's only around for a few more catch them soon!