New year, new me...

Well... that's what everyone says isn't it once midnight strikes??

So this year I have decided to not only be slightly more pro-active on my blog (more than one post a year), but also read more and be healthier, something I hope will be more achievable than say giving up wine/chocolate for long periods of time. Therefore I have started off on the right foot picking (back up as I never finished it the first time) my copy of 'French Women Don't get Fat' by Mireille Guiliano. I am always slightly jealous seeing the French portrayed in films sipping wine at lunch, nibbling on delicious macaroons and eating croissants for breakfast therefore this seems the perfect read to understand how they stay so slim. It looks into how the French eat and get by with their 'pain quotidien' (their daily bread) without feeling guilty and stuffing ones face. It also has some delicious recipes for all manner of dining.

Already I can see that this is going to be a fairly easy 'diet' to do. I am not one for fasting nor cutting out certain food chains (as last nights bowl of pasta with chilli proves) and therefore this encourages you to eat 'whatever you want' without going OTT. A lot of it is common sense however how many of us actually put that to practice??

In a nutshell...
  • Never rush your meals, take your time when you're eating and you will find that you will eat less as your body needs to process when you are full.
  • Look at your food. Is there anything you eat excessively? Crisps, fizzy drinks or chocolate? Try to cut these down so they are not daily. Sooner or later you will crave these less and eventually will almost not need them at all.
  • Try to eat seasonally. Nothing tastes as good once it has flown half way across the world or when it is forced to grow in a climate that is unnatural. (This I know isn't always easy for people's budgets!)
  • Look at your portions, many of us Brits eat way too much. stemming from when we were children and our mothers/fathers forcing us to eat everything on our plate. Listen to your body. When it is nearing full and you are satisfied - STOP! 
  • Try to prepare your own lunches/dinners. Many sandwiches/snacks prepared foods do not show all the ingredients that are within. Sugars and fats are usually disguised.
  • Have emergency snacks such as nuts or fruit near by. If you're hungry eat those/ have a glass of water as hunger is often dehydration if you're still hungry after that have some of your emergencies. 
I will keep you posted on how I get on over the next few months. Already a week into re-thinking how I am eating and what I am eating I feel lighter, sleep better and I seem more energised. The French do have a certain 'Joie do Vivre' and I understand why - they enjoy their food it's what they do best, they just don't over do it...SIMPLE! 
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