It's safe to say that when faced with buying for any man in your life husband/boyfriend/lover/brother/father it fills most girls with a little (if not a lot of) dread...

With valentines day coming up if you are one to buy their loved ones something here are a few ideas I think are fantastic this season:

Pocket squares:

Brighten up a suit/DJ for an event or dinner simply by changing the 'hanky' in the pocket aka 'pocket squares'. These are by new London based accessories brand Leo Joseph and are so colourful girls have started to pop the pretty silks onto their handbags as well as buy for their men's suits. At £40 these are a great gift and I think you'll agree absolutely gorgeous. All made in England and the company are part of the WWF business foundation so you're doing your bit for nature too. 

Keep him warm:

There's nothing less-manly than a man shivering in this blooming cold weather we're having. If yours suffers in the cold or simply refuses to wear a decent coat these Uniqlo 90%down 'Ultra Light' vests not only look stylish but they fit snugly underneath overcoats, Barbours and blazers. They're also a respectable £39.90 and come in a range of colours to suit all styles. Personally the navy, black or grey are best for work wears as they are a little more subtle than say the orange they also stock! 

For the traditionalists:

I came across this little gem of a British company when trying to find a Christmas present for my father. The English Shaving Company stocks all forms of shaving paraphernalia needed for that smooth baby face or the dodgy facial hair grooming your man may require. Having a decent razor not only improves your shave but it helps your skin also. The razors also fit regular Gillette razor heads so there's no extra spending on expensive add-ons!

For the Henry's:

If your man likes a spot of outdoors, William Powell has a great selection of hunting, shooting and fishing objects and clothing from the very expensive (and beautiful) hand-made guns to (what I call) 'loo-books' for your country gent. There's also a great selection of drinking utensils in the form of these great shot glasses that rest-assured will be appreciated when full of whisky on a cold shoot day! 

For the trendy's: 

Urbanears headphones come in a range of colours and fabrics - (my fave are the tweed as shown above) prices start at £50 for a plain colour of £70 for a fabricated pair. They fold up easily for travel needs and are exclusive to The Conran Shop. The sound quality is high speck and they have some really funky colours in the range. 

For your food lover:

Every man I know is a cheese fanatic and therefore this Duo cheese knife set is perfect for anyone whom like to show off a cheeseboard at the end of the evening. The shorter one for hard and semi-soft cheeses whilst the longer one is best for soft cheese. For £59 they also look the business too!

Wine guzzler:

Aerators: We bought 2 of these funky looking devices as Christmas gifts and both were received greatly. I was so happy to then find they were featured on television, not long after purchase, as one of 'the gadgets to have for 2013'. Vinturi red wine aerator does the job of allowing your wine to 'breathe' without the painful wait time. Letting your man enjoy a decent bottle of wine the moment he steps in from work = a happy man! 

Mr D and I do not tend to do Valentines gifts, a card (to me) is more than enough, as i'm not entirely sure why you need a specific day to let that special person know how much you love them, trust me, they know even without gushing 'I love you' on a teddy bear holding a heart...annoyingly us girls tend to have a way of signalling without realising!! However, if you do then I hope the treats above have helped with some inspiration for your man-buying whether it be a Valentine or not. 

L x
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