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The parents were down for the weekend and to break away from the norm of heading into Kensington or Chelsea my Dad requested we go somewhere 'local' to my flat. I have walked past Gola many times and loving the warm and buzzy atmosphere it seems to have, I booked for the 4 of us and scoured the menu several times before our visit. 

The tiny 'higgledy piggledy' restaurant was packed from 7:30pm right through to when we were leaving, with tables still coming in for their fix of home-cooked Italian foods. I mention this, as the menu stresses (and on-line) that their emphasis is on quality and authenticity (not what it looks like on a plate). You are to be 'treated like old friends' eating food as they would in their own home. They also strongly ask you to not change the dishes as they believe their dishes are perfect as they are - ok, noted!

It's a very 'cute' restaurant, lit mainly by candle and fairy lights so please excuse the photos as I didn't want to disturb too many diners with an obnoxious camera flash! 

The wine list ranges from £20 bottles to some £50+. Dad chose a wine which wasn't available and so they brought over a more expensive red and offered it to us for the bottle price we chose... how splendid!?! We were also given some home-made arancini and focaccia bread as an appetizer (n.b. no cover charge either). The cheesy, arancini risotto balls were so delicious we were pleased to then be served another version minutes later that had just been cooked, again these went pronto and before I took a photo!!

The menu is split into antipasti, pasta, secondi, pizza's and sides. On our visit there were also specials consisting of 3  more starters and 2 mains. One of these made my mind up before looking at the antipasti 'San Daniele ham and Burrata'- This happened to be Mum's choice also. The burrata (mozzarella mixed with cream) was exceptional and for those of you that love soft Italian cheese I urge you to try this as it is delicious! The sweet San Daniele ham (the other famous ham apart from Parma) also was exceptional. Mr D opted for the Calamari and my Dad had the Tuna Carpaccio with ricotta cheese, olives and celery.  Both were presented nicely and the Calamari to note, was perfectly crispy and not greasy at all. 

San Daniele and Burrata
Tuna Carpaccio

Our mains were a choice of wild boar ragu (the waiters favourite) for the men, seafood linguine (a mix of prawns, muscles, crab and squid) for Mum and I opted for the saffron risotto with scallops. These were all decent pasta/risotto dishes, a little on the small side for the boys but perfect for Mum and I. The ragu was rich in flavour, coated the pasta nicely and served with lashing of parmesan cheese. 

Seafood Linguini
Wild boar ragu

Saffron and scallop Risotto
The linguini was coated in a really scrummy garlic, white wine and parsley sauce which was simple but really moreish and the seafood was more than ample. The risotto caused me to have slight food jealousy, as scallops being one of my ultimate faves, made me a little put out, all I could see was one lonely little queenie scallop on top of a vast amount of oozy, yummy yellow rice. The risotto was good and perfectly gooey and I really enjoyed the saffron element to it, so much so, I am going to try and re-create this at home (with more scallops!) if I do I will be sure to post it.

In a bid not to stuff our faces, we opted out of puds and finished off our wine to end a really lovely evening. I am so pleased I finally made it here and to have Gola as a local being one that does authentic Italian food. The pizza's I am told are a must, in which case, I look forward to returning soon... 

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