Getting cold feet?

I suffer horribly with cold feet due to terrible circulation - 'Raynaud's phenomenon' (to those of you who like tech-words, although mine is thankfully very mild!) I have my lovely Dad to thank for that gene! If you suffer the same I really have every sympathy, it's horrible. My feet are never warm and at the moment I have taken to wearing two pairs of bed socks to sleep I know!

So, ski-season now in full swing I am on a mission to find some warm and practical day-night boots... easy? No, unless you want to look like you've shoved your feet in bin bags with tyres for soles... I therefore list some of my finds to suit all budgets and heel hight preferences (mine is most definitely flat in these conditions!):

For blow-your-budget booties Burberry have brought out some gorgeous boots for the colder months...

These Stanmore suede shearling lined are practical and fashion forward which is what the lovely people at Burberry HQ set out to do. The rubber sole, although slightly ugly if you ask me, will grip when going from apres-ski to bar and keep even the most up-to-date fashionista's tootsies warm and stylish. I love the buckle and the zip detailing at the front of the boot.£375

These are my ultimate favourites! Again, Burberry, annoyingly I found these on my quest and now I cannot get them out of my head and sadly the price tag is ££££ - cry! Biker Shearling Alaska Boot these would be fabby with jeans or dresses to give a great biker-chick look and have sheep sking inside to keep you snug. You may be a lucky one and find them on sale if you do some hunting however they are still £595 on the Burberry site -

Ash have a great store on the King's Road and also an on-line shop with a 48hr shipping policy. They have a number of styles and colours in boots, shoes and trainers around the £100-300 mark. The designers have a really passion for footwear design and practicality with inspiration taken for some of their designs from all over the world. These Titan boots on the right are a great 'vintage-inspired' leather and would work well for every day use. Ash was my brand of choice and I went for the Tilt in black...

Uggs - we CANNOT get away from these ugly, snuggly, cosy pockets we plonk onto our feet since our university days... and Emu Astralia have some great alternatives that are just as cosy but have small detailing to them so they aren't so straight forward and plain. The Prarie Lo at £185 will be as warm as toast, wear well and be perfect for your 'off duty' outfits or your commute to work. 

ASOS have hugely expanded over the last few years - who remembers when they just stocked own product and a few 'As Seen on Screen' items?! Now it's full of designer, high street and one off's for almost everything men and women need. Therefore I urge you to head here for your first boot mission and have a hunt. Ones that caught my eye were as follows...

left: ASOS Altitude Jodhpur Ankle boot £55 I'm in love with these (I know i'm shoe obsessed!) A slightly more fashion-forward look to your average jodhpur style boot. Great detail and would be a great 'chuck on' pair to have - nice heel hight too!

Whistles Stinger Black Strapped Ankle Boots £150 a decent-high heel hight and sturdy, I love the fastening detail on the outside edge and there's also a brown version which is pretty funky, with a contrast leather insert. Would be lovely with thick tights and dresses. Shown below.

 ASOS Chief leather knee highs £75 a great staple knee 
high, I wear my LK Bennet boots to death. Real leather, a hidden inner fastening for ease and a stretch panel at the back of the boot for comfort and fit. These will see you through the winter months and look great pulled over jeans and with dresses.

Rag and Bone, a newcommer to the Sloane Sq/Kings Road shopping area, fantastic jeans, great tees and dresses however, at high end prices. These boots are also available on and perfect for those of you that cannot bear to not be in some form of heel but want some stability on the ice.
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