Busaba Ethai

It has everything going against it to make many dislike Busaba Ethai...

One: It's a chain. 

Two: you sit uncomfortably close to people you don't know 

Three: the staff are in-your-face friendly

Four: the room smells of incense so strong I am quickly taken back to my 13year old self wandering into the hippy shop back home thinking it was THE place to be... it wasn't. 

Despite this, Busaba is Mr D and I's fail safe place to go to when in need of Asian food. The King's Road branch is one of their newest, however, they have others in Wardour Street, Westfield and Bird Street to name a few of their London locations. They also have a base in Bicester, to which keen shoppers (from personal experience) start queuing from 11:30am to get a seat...

We were seated, as always, by a smiley member of staff whom asked us where we would like to sit. Today - by the window so we watched the shoppers meander in the now grey sludge on the street - not so pretty today.

Mr D has the same every time 'crispy chicken' with lemon grass, chilli sauce, shallot and daikon (a type of white radish). It's delicious, juicy and perfectly crispy - a guilty pleasure.

It's January, and like the rest of London (it seems), we're trying to be healthy and therefore Mr D went for a veg side in the form of Chinese broccoli with garlic and shiitake mushrooms. It's good but no where near as good as the 'Morning Glory' they have on the menu which is seriously good (us English call it 'water spinach' - how boring?!)

I always try something different every visit. Today, as it's cold, I went for one of the 'Soup noodle' dishes, Tom yam Talay (extra spicy), seafood in a spicy sour soup with vermicelli noodles. Yummy soothing soup with a (slight) kick - I am a chilli freak. The seafood was a mix of prawns, baby squid and Asian fish cake, no scrimping here as there was plenty of each and a handful of spinach. It was exactly the warming yumminess my tummy craved.

If you are also squid fiends, like us, then try their Thai calamari. The batter is so light you only notice the crispy texture ever so slightly and the ginger and peppercorn flavouring is lip-smackingly good. So, naturally we also had a side of this as well.  

The most noticeable thing about Busaba Ethai is that you can actually taste that the food here is fresh and made on site - it is simply divine and makes you want to eat here again and again... and for £15 per person it's well worth sitting next to a total stranger for an hour or so of your life...

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