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The uni girls and I dragged our hungover, tired and some ill bodies out of our homes on Sunday morning and went somewhere I do not frequent often - the East. The reasoning for my out of the ordinary location visit was the much talked about Duck and Waffle, which opened its doors, within the Heron Tower last year.

Eating 40 floors up over looking our forever changing skyline is something one does not encounter often and so I was extremely looking forward to it. The lift up is quite exhilarating, in which I found myself trying not to go 'weeeeee' like a small child.

I hope, should you get the chance to visit D&W, that you have clear skies as we did - the views over London are breathtaking. The Heron tower sits (more or less) next to the Gherkin and close to The Shard which as a firmly stuck West Londoner was a sight-see in itself. We were seated in the middle of the room, which did not disturb the view to any extent if at all. However, if you can I would ask for a window facing table near the edge of the restaurant. 

Brunch menu

Our waitress took our drinks order and was happy to take my own order of an 'extra spicy' bloody Mary, which upon arrival she said 'the guys are excited about this' thus sending me into slight panic as to how 'spicy' this would be. It was 'punchy' to say the least, but excellent. The cocktail menu, although pricey, was also sampled across the table and again all positive here, the Negroni Spagliato was a particular fave.

The 'bbq-spiced crispy pigs ear' had us hooked from the start, and so we ordered these as a 'nibble'. A brown paper bag, wax sealed was placed in the centre of the table. Upon opening, a delicious deep smoky, bbq smell wafted out and at the bottom perfectly crispy strips of pigs ear, which for anyone whom loves crackling will equally adore. 

The paper bag and...soft butter (tick)

After much deliberation over the menu, which has items from both the 'All day' menu and also some classic brunch combinations, I settled on the Foie gras all day breakfast. Brioche bread, nutella, crispy bacon, quails egg and black pudding - wow! Not only was this possibly the strangest combination of food I have ever heard of, the texture and taste was extraordinary. No wonder so many people talk about this dish... The main flavour throughout the dish is the home-made nutella, which at first is odd to the palate with the smooth foie gras, crunchy bacon and sweet bread, but very very more-ish and by the end of the plate I was pleased I went slightly 'left-field' with my choice. 

The 'Full-English' was taken up by three of the girls (two fried, one poached) all met with satisfied faces. The hash browns were a highlight and the trotter-braised beans had one like and two dislikes - 'you still can't beat Heinz'. I agreed with the table in that it would have been nice to have had some more toast, one small slice wasn't quite enough for these hungry girls, so I can't imagine it would be enough for the gents around the room.

The last 'bruncher' had the duck egg en cocotte. Egg, mushrooms, gruyere, truffle and soldiers. Already salivating? I had slight food jealousy. Oozy, cheesy, eggy... - YUM!

As if we weren't full enough we decided to have puds. I settled with a selection of macaroons the winner of which was the salted caramel. Other flavours I am now informed were, pina colada, green tea, chocolate and passion fruit, of which I am still adamant tasted more like lemon?! 

The rest of the table had brownies all round. Peanut better ice cream, 'crunchie bar' caramel and a nice squidgy chocolate brownie - every girls dream. Most were polished off and four happily stuffed faces thought it was incredible. 

One thing that let the restaurant down was that they seem to practice (with both mains and sweets) and almighty sin - clearing the table before everyone had finished! Which appeared to be an all round pet hate amongst all 5 of us.

The bill came to a respectful £219 for five including service which after playing 'guess the bill' four of us had over-estimated by a long shot and so pleasantly surprised!

An all-round goodie with the bonus of fantastic views. I can, however imagine due to the fact that it's open 24hours and so close to Liverpool St one would find city types propping up the bar mid-week so it may be rather busy, and why not? If I had a place like this on my door step i'd be going all hours of the day.

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